Japaneur is the quintessential insider's guide, with an outsider’s perspective.  

Whether it’s your first visit, or your 20th trip, Japaneur gives you a local’s point of view on all things Japan.  From the food, customs, and culture, to the technology, language tips, and even life hacks for a gaijin planning the move of a lifetime, Japaneur will help you get the most out of your next travel experience in Japan.  


#001 - Japaneur

Welcome to the show. In this first episode of the Japaneur podcast, I cover the three approaches anyone can use to start learning Japanese and which one I think is best and why. I firmly believe that learning written Japanese is key to unlocking the language.


Episode 2 - Learning Japanese (part 1)

I decided to share some of my initial observations about learning Japanese, from how to get started, to my experience as an undergrad studying Japanese.  Would I do it again? What would I do differently? I also share what I'm doing right now to improve my Japanese, including the books, tools, apps and tricks I'm using right now.


Episode 3 - Traveling in Japan with kids (part 1)

After six trips to Japan as a family, and now three times with two kids (currently 5 and 1) , I want to share some observations, tips and tools that have worked for my wife and I. This is a big topic, so this will be the first in a series of podcasts about traveling to and within Japan that I hope will help other families.