Today's kanji is 水 (water)

The kanji of the day is:

Pronounced すい (sui, on-yomi) or みず (mizu, kun-yomi).

水 means water.  It's an incredibly common kanji, and the compounds are interesting, as usual. For example:

水素 is pronounced すいそ (suiso) and means hydrogen. Literally "water element".

鼻水 is pronounced はなみず (hanamizu) and means nasal mucus. Yes, "boogers". Literally "nose water".

Isn't Japanese cool? And those who think kanji is torture for 外人 (がいじん, gaijin, foreigner), it's not. If you like language and culture, Japanese has got to be one of the best in the world. In high school, I went from a few years of classical Latin, which was my favorite, to French (my mother's native tongue), to German, and then Korean.  I never found the same passion I had for Latin until I studied Japanese because of the way it's structured, much like Latin words that, together with Germanic words, became the building blocks of the English language. You never look at the English language again after studying Latin; when you see the word "library", you don't see a building, you first see books.

As always, check out the video for the stroke order, and practice writing it a few times today!