Today's kanji is people 人

Ok, so I admit that last night before bed, I asked my kiddo what today's kanji should be.  He emphatically and instantly stated "hito":

So today's kanji is a fundamental! Hito (kun reading) or jin (on reading) is the Japanese character for person.  Some dictionaries say "man", but I think that's sexist, and entirely not applicable, as it could be "man" or "woman", and there are different characters for those anyway.

One of the key things about this kanji is that it's a radical, meaning, this kanji is actually a building block for other kanji, which is why you want to commit it to memory.  You'll also see this kanji in a ton of compounds where it's paired with other kanji to create different words.  For example:

友人 pronounced "you-gin" ゆうじん、meaning "a friend"

人生 pronounced "gin-say" じんせい、meaning "human life" (e.g. from beginning to end)

一人 pronounced "hee-toe-rhee" ひとり、meaning, "one person" or if you want, you can say 五人 pronounced "go-neen" ごにん、for "five people" (remember yesterday's kanji?).  See... this is where things get really cool.  Building blocks.  Just start learning one at a time, and before you know it, your vocabulary automatically compounds.  It's not that easy with English or a romance language.