Today's kanji is 下 (below)

This morning we picked 下 for today's kanji.  下 is pronounced shita した、and when you read that, try saying it without the "i", more like "shtah".

下 is another character that proves immediately useful on your first visit to Japan.  It's used in a ton of different character combinations, and it typically means lower or below.  For example:

chikatetsu (pronounced "chee-kah-teh-tsu")
subway (literally, ground/earth under metal line)

When you're walking around a train station and you see that sign with 下 in the middle, following the sign will probably get you to the subway. "ka" (pronounced "kah") is the on pronunciation of 下 and the kun pronunciation is shita. 

Here's another example, only this time with the kun pronunciation:

kutsushita (pronounced "koo-tsu-shtah")
socks (literally shoes below)

Much thanks to my son this morning for practicing his kanji together with me.