Today's kanji is 三 (three)

Today's kanji is the number three, さん, or san (pronounced "sahn").  San is the on pronunciation.  み, or mi ("mee") is the kun pronunciation. 

三 is written with three strokes from left to right.  Check out the video above.

We're not going in order or sequence yet, but that's cool because the way we're learning, anyone can go at their own pace, and if you focus on one little thing at a time, you're much more likely to keep it tucked away in memory.  I think we should stick to the 1st grade kanji before we move on to 2nd grade, so we have a bunch more to go!

As a bonus today, I found a ことわざ、or Japanese proverb, to go with 三。

hayaoki wa sanmon no toku (roughly pronounced "hah-yah oh-kee wah sahn-moan noh toe-koo")

It translates closely to "get up early and you'll be enriched".  It means roughly the same as the English "the early bird catches the worm".