Music Monday: Have A Nice Day

I'm a big music nerd.  

I have iTunes accounts in Japan and California, and two iTunes Match accounts so I can merge all of it into one massive library.  Music plays throughout my day; It's the soundtrack to my life. And I love to share, so I've decided to post a favorite track, album or artist every week.

This week's track is Have a Nice Day (link to song in iTunes Store) by World Order, the group led by producer and director Genki Sudo (twitter).

The members of World Order dress to parody the perception of Japanese business types in suit and tie. Their videos are mesmerizing. I can't help think the parody goes even further with the synchronized robotic dance moves that are their trademark performance style.

No matter how much Japanese or English you know, this is a great song to start the day with. My son and I listen to it in the car on the way to school in the morning. It's positive, fun and inspiring. 

Want more World Order? Check out Imperialism. The band could do a way better job explaining their message in English on their site, but regardless of your position on foreign policy, it's a great track. Especially at the end of 2016, when things just got really weird.