Japaneur Podcast 001 - Basic approaches you can use to start learning Japanese

Well, hello there!

The Japaneur podcast is finally here. Ready to do a deep dive into Japan? Let's go! 行くぞ!

In this first episode of the Japaneur podcast, I cover the three approaches anyone can use to start learning Japanese and which one I think is best and why. I firmly believe that learning written Japanese is key to unlocking the language. I'm not convinced that the way I did it - at a research university - was the best way, so I'm going to try to save you a few thousand hours and a lot of money with some advice on alternatives.

Since the podcast is about listening, and not reading, I try to do a quick overview of just what you need to do - and nothing beyond that - about the three different types of written Japanese: Hiragana, katakana and kanji. Regarding the latter, I recently started a daily blog post on Japaneur focused on a select kanji every day. In this episode I discuss why I'm investing the time to do that for my son and I, and how you can benefit from it as well.

And here are some of the resources I mentioned in the episode that I think you'll like:

I'm new at this podcast thing, but super excited.  Have feedback?  A question?  Or a request? Connect with me on twitter @japaneur and join the Japaneur newsletter.